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High Street Boutique (21104)


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  • Set: High Street Boutique
  • BrickArtist: LegoArtisan
  • BrickMaker: Brick Arte
  • Release Year: Expected Q1 2022
  • Pieces: 2275
  • Baseplate: 32*32 Light Grey (1)
  • Interior Access: Removable Floors
  • Modular Position: Any, but ideal for Corners

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LegoArtisan's High Street Boutique is a flagship store featuring an elevated ceiling, 3 floors, a mezzanine, and an attic. The floors are individually removable to access the highly detailed interiors of each floor separately.

The exterior of the building lies on a single 32*32 baseplate featuring a traditional white exterior with a black roof. The ground level consists of tall glass exteriors with the next two floors featuring more traditional windows. The first floor interior features an upscale women's store with vaulted ceilings giving a grand atmosphere to the store. A stairwell encases the outer edge of the store, leading past a second smaller sales counter and up to the men's store. The second floor is a smaller shop for men but also functions as a lounge for those waiting for their partners to finish shopping. The top floor is a chic apartment for the owner complete with all amenities.

This BrickArte set features:

Collectible NFT instructions - In addition to the classic PDF instructions, BrickArte sets come with individually numbered collectible instructions minted on the blockchain. These instructions are unique, tradeable, and truly yours - they are stored in your personal crypto wallet; not on some controlled server. Best of all, you don't need endless storage space! Not familiar with NFTs? [BLOG POST COMING SOON]

Stackable Drawer Boxes - The classic box needed an update. Instead of the traditional cardboard box that is a pain to ship, an even bigger pain to store without mold or color damage, and the biggest pain when delivered with the shipping label directly on the product without an external box. Once opened, you find an endless stream of plastic bags. No more of that. BrickArte sets come packed in individually stackable drawers for your spare parts. No wasteful plastic. No annoying cardboard. The drawers from all BrickArte sets are compatible and can be stacked together - as your collection grows, so too does your storage space!

Ships from Southern California - Whether you're buying a new set, requesting spare parts, or making a return - get it done in days, not weeks.

Series 1 Pre-Order Cycle

  • Pre-Order: Oct 1 to Dec 31, 2021
  • Est. Ship Date: Q1 2022
  • 15% Discount on orders until Oct 31, 2021
  • 10% Discount on orders until Nov 30, 2021
  • 5% Discount on orders until Dec 31, 2021
  • Earn double points

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Please see our blog post for more information on our pre-order cycles. [BLOG POST COMING SOON]

BrickArtist Profile


MOCS Market

Belle-Ve Bricks

About the BrickArtist

LegoArtisan is an engineer by profession. Aside from an almost full-time hobby of BrickArtistry, he also listens to music, plays the piano, does art sketches and watches movies. After about 27 years, he returned to bricksets in Feb 2020. Mainly collecting and building modular buildings and minifig-scale vehicles.  He started digital designing in August 2020 and has not stopped since. As inspired by one of his favorite youtubers, his usual design concepts focus on diversity and density. Creativity and resourcefulness go hand in hand with MOC design and creation. Always do what you can with what you have.


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