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Tailor’s Corner (21106)


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  • Set: Tailor’s Corner
  • BrickArtist: LegoArtisan
  • BrickMaker: Brick Arte
  • Year: Expected Q1 2022
  • Pieces: 1407
  • Baseplate: 32*16 Green (1)
  • Interior Access: Removable Floors
  • Modular Position: Middle

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LegoArtisan's Tailor's Corner is a multi-story office building with 3 levels that can be individually removed to access the highly detailed interior. The building can serve as a corner building or a connecting building with a small alley that goes to the back entrance of the building.

The exterior is built on a single 32*16 baseplate featuring brown motifs with green accents designed to complement other popular modular building designs. The ground floor is a men's tailor's shop specializing in suits. The second floor is an accountant's office and the third floor is an interior designer's office. Each business features highly detailed elements, such as the tailor's sewing machine, the accountant's coffee maker or the interior designer's drafting desk.

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MOCS Market

Belle-Ve Bricks

About the BrickArtist

LegoArtisan is an engineer by profession. Aside from an almost full-time hobby of BrickArtistry, he also listens to music, plays the piano, does art sketches and watches movies. After about 27 years, he returned to bricksets in Feb 2020. Mainly collecting and building modular buildings and minifig-scale vehicles.  He started digital designing in August 2020 and has not stopped since. As inspired by one of his favorite youtubers, his usual design concepts focus on diversity and density. Creativity and resourcefulness go hand in hand with MOC design and creation. Always do what you can with what you have.


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