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Modernist Townhouse (21107)


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  • Set: Modernist Townhouse
  • BrickArtist: Brinx
  • BrickMaker: Brick Arte
  • Release Year: 2021
  • Pieces: 1815
  • Baseplate: 32*16 Green (1)
  • Interior Access: Removable Floors
  • Modular Position: Middle

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Brinx's Modernist Townhouse is built on a 32*16 baseplate and was designed as a small modular building that could be placed in the gap between two other modulars. A modernist style was chosen to enrich the traditional styles typically seen in modular designs. The building's half sized plot prevents it from becoming overly dominant while the neutral colors allow it to fit into any cityscape. The building includes some typical modernist styles like big windows in different forms with brise soleil (fixed horizontal sun blockers), minimalist and functional forms with white walls and bare grey concrete, terraces on every floor, and a roof garden. Some contemporary elements, like the big facade greening and the photovoltaics on the top can also be seen.

On the ground floor is an architectural office with two workstations and a classical drawing board. Details include some architectural models and plans alongside and on the walls. In the back, there is a small kitchen with a coffee machine, an additional table for creating models and cutting plans, and a big plotter. A small backyard patio lies beyond the kitchen.

A staircase leads to the entrance hall of the appartment on the first floor. There is a wall mounted sidetable for your keys and phone. From the hall you can enter the first terrace and the bathroom, which can be enclosed by a sliding door. Going up one more floor, you reach the modern kitchen with a round dining table and nice wall mounted lamp above. A wall out of glass building blocks creates an optical connection between the bathroom and the kitchen. One half of the big window to the road can slide open.

A winding staircase takes you to the upper, more private part of the townhouse with another large slidable window. The living space is equipped with a big sofa, a flatscreen TV, some books and an open fireplace. To the back, there's another small terrace with a cosy chair and the bedroom with a double bed and a wardrobe. Closing the sliding door to the living room reveals the wardrobe and vice versa. Another winding staircase brings you up to the roof terrace with a deck chair and umbrella.

The different levels can easily be unmounted and put back together, like all typical modular buildings. The roof is in two parts.

The sides of the building feature technic bricks for connecting multiple modulars together securely!

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About the BrickArtist

Brinx is an architect from Zurich, Switzerland, married with two children. He....


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