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Corner Cafe (21110)


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  • Set: Corner Cafe
  • BrickArtist: BrandonWYC
  • BrickMaker: Juhang
  • Pieces: 4314
  • Baseplate: 32*32 Light Grey (1)
  • Interior Access: Removable Floors
  • Modular Position: Any

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This Juhang release is a modified version of BrandonWYC's original UiL Cafe. It is built on a 32*32 baseplate with 3 independently removable modular floors to access the highly detailed interior play areas.

The exterior features a large tower with distinctive tiling, outdoor seating on both the the first and second floor, and plenty of foliage. The first floor interior features a highly detailed coffee shop with........UPDATED DESCRIPTION COMING SOON

BrickArtist Profile

About the BrickArtist

BrandonWYC is a designer from Malaysia..... [COMING SOON]


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