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Soda Stand (21713)


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  • Set: Soda Stand
  • Series: Food Stands
  • BrickArtist: In-house
  • BrickMaker: Sembo
  • Pieces: 246
  • Baseplate: [To Be Updated]

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A classic soda stand. Can't have a hamburger and fries without a drink! Found throughout amusement parks, beach boardwalks, and most "fun zones" everywhere.

Bricks: Sembo is a reliable brand with generally high quality bricks and a slightly tight clutch. These sets can be moved and played without issue.
Stickers: This set includes very high quality transfer stickers. Transfer stickers should be industry standard in our opinion. With transfer stickers, the "clear" part of the sticker peels off after you apply the sticker, leaving only the image itself. A very clean finish and the absolute best sticker result we've seen yet. If you aren't familiar with transfer stickers or how to apply them, please see our blog post "Applying Transfer Stickers" here [COMING SOON]

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