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Sushi Stand (21716)


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  • Set: Sushi Stand
  • Series: Food Stands
  • BrickArtist: In-house
  • BrickMaker: Sluban/M38
  • Pieces: 320
  • Baseplate: approximately 10×10 footprint plus bench
  • Interior Access: Hinge-open walls

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A sushi stand with a bench and sign to help customers find it. The walls can hinge-open to reveal the interior details. Found throughout amusement parks, beach boardwalks, and most "fun zones" everywhere.

Bricks: Sluban/M38 sets are generally made with medium quality bricks, very tight hinges, and a medium-loose clutch. Some bricks may come apart when trying to open and close the hinges during playtime. These sets are best displayed.
Stickers: This set includes standard good quality stickers. No gimmicks, no shortcomings.

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