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Introducing Brick Arte…

We are Brick Arte.

A family owned business based out of Southern California. Bringing you the most unique sets from the world’s best designers.

We’ve done the work.
You enjoy the bricks.

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Our Mission

Brick Arte was founded with the goal of bringing small production runs of high quality MOCs desired by the community, officially licensed from the designer, and using the highest quality tested bricks.

As brick fans, we love seeing all of the incredible MOC designs created by the community. Often times, we want these sets for our own collections or brickcities, but since they are custom designs, the sets are not available for purchase. Some designers sell instructions, but the bricks must still be independently collected. Manually sourcing the parts can be a challenge, and even if you do it, the big brand bricks are notoriously expensive. Third party bricks are getting better every day, but there are many makers and the quality varies massively between them. This makes it difficult to find good third party bricks without a lot of time or luck.

We’ve done the work. You enjoy the bricks.

We proudly use GoBricks – we’ve bought bricks from every supplier we could find and GoBricks are the highest quality bricks we could find with fantastic color consistency and a great (slightly tight) clutch.

Our sets are always officially licensed from the designer or rights holder. We are saddened to see so many of these great designs being ripped off, copied, and blatantly stolen without any compensation to the original designer. We will never steal a design.

Our boxes are designed to be reusable sorting drawers for your spare parts. We try to minimize plastic and paper use as well, limiting our packing materials and providing digital, rather than printed, instructions. We try to do our part to reduce waste.

For more insight into our product design, please see our “Product Design” blog series (coming soon).

A New Premium
Brickset Maker from
Southern California


Brick Arte, LLC
CA Entity # 202118810543


1651 E. 4th St. #239, Santa Ana, CA 92701

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