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Design Contest

Brick Arte is currently looking to license designs focusing on modern architecture and famous artwork. Specifically, we are interested in designs based on:

-The Works of Picasso, Dali, or Monet
The Statue of David
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

Nominate A Set

Do you know a set that we should make? Please tell us about your favorites. You don’t have to be the designer to nominate a set and you can nominate your own sets, but we can’t make sets that don’t meet the DLU guidelines (below).

Designer Licensing Union

Brick Arte was founded on the principle of fairly compensating Designers for their work. Although we pay a fair rate to all our Designers, many others will blatantly steal designs for their own profit. Defending your designs takes experience and legal resources – expenses that are often too great to warrant pursuing.

The Designer Licensing Union (DLU) is a completely free, voluntary group established and managed by Brick Arte dedicated to protecting the rights of MOC Designers everywhere. All of Brick Arte’s licensing is done through the DLU. The DLU assists Designers in pooling their resources and knowledge together to maximize royalty revenue, minimize costs, and streamline takedown requests. The DLU also provides limited free lawyers to assist with registering or enforcing your IP rights. 


  • You must be the rights holder. (No Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc).
  • No minifigures allowed. LEGO owns IP on the minifigures – nobody else is allowed to use them!


  • Determine industry standard fair rates through Designer unionization
  • Get paid a royalty per sale for your designs
  • Get free lawyer assistance to register your copyrights and other relevant intellectual property (IP).
  • Get free lawyer assistance to enforce your IP against unauthorized sellers.


 If you are interested in the DLU or in licensing one of your designs to Brick Arte, please join the BrickArtist community (below). 

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